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Heidi was a wonderful surprise and the beginning of a new adventure. I am getting in shape at the same pace as Heidi, whom is coming back from having a cute foal.

Registered APHA

We have be gone our adventure with a little wild lunge lesson. honestly I think she just wanted to run and burn excess energy. Once Heidi calmed down, we got to work and I know I was the with the sore muscles that day.

2nd lunge lesson, and so much better. Heidi does prefer to go one way.. Don't we all :) This round was my win and I wasn't as tired either, and since then we have had the saddle on, getting used to me bouncing beside her.

Now to get her to stand in one place ... lol

Come back soon for more updates on the adventures of Heidi.




Summer 2010:

We have moved forward under saddle and since I need to regain my balance (sorry Heidi), we are doing a whole lot of work at a walk. Until you start training a horse, I don't think we really appreciate how much can be completed at a walk.

Heidi is enjoying the rides as well, but I need to keep them interesting so never, ever the same lesson in a row! Well ok, we still work on transitions, whoa, go (lol), turns.. but as Heidi is a brave mare, she does not mind passing other horses or leaving them behind. But oh those cows, we need to stop and stare! I swear Heidi is deciding which cow she would like to cut. She gets excited whenshe spots a cow and does cut the sheep when she has the chance.

I don't know where that will lead us, but I do know that we will do a few small parades next year. So I better get in shape :)




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