Wishfoal Sport Horses


Breeding Fee's

Wishart (aka Finn MacCool)

Breeding Terms and Conditions

1. The mare owner warrants the mare, to be healthy and in good breeding condition as determined by a qualified veterinarian which should include a culture. A copy of the veterinarian's health certificate must be forwarded to the stallion owner, prior to breeding the mare.

2. The mare owner warrants the mare does not have navicular, bone spavin, ringbone, side bone, or is a cribber or weaver.

3. The stallion owner reserves the right to refuse any mare due to health or quality, or any mare proven unfit for breeding.

4. The mare owner's veterinarian must examine the mare within 45 days from the last service date and a written statement as to the pregnancy status must be forward to Wishfoal Sport Horses within 30 days after such examination.

5. Live Foal Guarantee - A live foal is one that is able to stand up and suckle with normal vigor. In the event the mare does not conceive during the breeding season, aborts or does not produce a live foal, that mare, or a suitable replacement, as agreed to by both parties, may be bred the following year for the Booking Fee + GST and shipping costs for the semen. Wishfoal Sport Horses must be notified within 48 hours of the foal's death and a Death Certificate from the mare owner's veterinarian must be supplied.

6. The stud fee includes semen for one breeding cycle. One straw of semen will be shipped per shipment for each breeding cycle. If additional semen is required during the breeding season, it may be purchased at a cost of $500 + GST per straw. It is suggested that the first shipment be ordered well in advance of when it is required and stored at an appropriate facility qualified to store frozen semen.

7. The frozen semen protocol will be provided to the mare owner to be supplied to the mare owner's veterinarian. It is recommended that the mare owner's veterinarian or qualified professional and be familiar with using frozen semen.

8. Fees associated with the shipment of the frozen semen are quoted in Canadian dollars and are approximate. These fees are to be paid directly to Alta Genetics as follows:

  • Shipping & Handling

  • for Shipper Tank - $65.00 approx.

  • Export Fee - $100.00/Canada $150/USA approx.

  • Freight - Collect

  • Container Deposit - Credit Card

  • 9. This contract cannot be assigned or transferred by the mare owner. There shall be no right to return to the stallion if the mare is sold or otherwise changes ownership after having been bred to the stallion.

    10. The stallion owner is not responsible for lost, delayed, or damaged semen and makes no warranties with respect to the abilities, characteristics or health of the foal produced from breeding to the stallion Wishart (aka Finn MacCool)..


    The wonderful foals are arriving and if the first one is an example. We have a few wonderful young athletes of color to offer for sale.