WSH - Wishmaker



"Hollies Farm", discovered this fantastic athletic mare when she was a young filly and not even weaned.
Hollies Farm are the Owners of this uniquely RhPSI & colored Canadian Sport Horse.

Wishmaker in the roundpen

Wishmaker {aka Pepsi}, has a combination of color, temperament, elastic gaits and athletic abilities::
Registered & Breeding Approved RhPSI (Rheinland Pfalz-Saar International) & CSHA

Pepsi at play

We are excited as Pepsi had her first foal, by RPSI stallion "Skeptic" and the result is an amazing filly with movement, temperment and is a wonderful prospect.

Sprite 6 weeks
Sprite owned by Hollies Farm

September 3rd 2006, "Wish DizArt" (aka Sprite), attended Inspection in Calgary, Alberta, Sprite has been inspected and is now registered and branded RhPSI.

Sprite is sadly for Sale